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set one's mind at rest; be at ease; rest assured; feel relieved

Sentences and Collocations using

fàng xīn , qiè dōu huì ān pái hǎo de .
You can rest assured that everything will be all right.


fortune; luck; break; chance

Sentences and Collocations using

yùn hǎo , shēng le .
He had the good fortune to be promoted.


envelop; shroud; bathe; reign

Sentences and Collocations using

Huì chǎng shàng lǒng zhào zhe zhǒng bēi tòng de fēn .
A cloud of gloom hung over the meeting.
Chén lǒng zhào zài miàn shàng .
The lake is shrouded in morning mist.